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While residential solar is becoming more complex, when it comes to commercial solar just reading the many variants of the charges on a bill can be mind-boggling for some.

At Eco Ease, we make sure the commercial system you choose is the one that fights your electricity bill the hardest, as it is sized correctly, and the panel directions support your consumption hours.

From the solar panel products we recommend to the inverters and system design, top-tier installation, and dedicated after-sales service, Eco Ease ensures an excellent result.

We understand that purchasing a large commercial solar power system is a significant financial decision. For this reason, we also offer many options in the PV system financing space. Talk to us today to find out about your options.

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Eco Ease Commercial

Minimise the Carbon Footprint of Your Organisation

Reducing your carbon footprint is essential for protecting the environment and preserving the planet for future generations. By lowering your company’s carbon emissions, you actively contribute to mitigating climate change, promoting sustainability, and fostering a healthier ecosystem.

Every effort to minimise your environmental impact, whether through energy-efficient choices or sustainable practices, is crucial for creating a resilient and sustainable future.

At Eco Ease, we support and encourage initiatives that help individuals, businesses, and communities make a positive environmental impact, ensuring a better world for generations to come.

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The Difference in Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial solar setups differ from residential ones in more ways than just the number of panels. At Eco Ease, we understand that commercial projects demand a higher level of expertise and very involved attention to detail.

The selection of robust racking systems and the balance of system components such as cable trays will contribute enormously to the longevity of your commercial PV array.

From initial planning to final execution, commercial solar projects require ongoing consultation with the client, to bring you along on the journey. This partnership approach will guarantee optimal performance and maximise your returns on investment.

At Eco Ease, we specialise in delivering tailored commercial solar solutions that prioritise quality, efficiency, fair pricing and longevity. Trust us to power your business with reliable solar energy and commercial battery storage.

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Eco Ease Commercial
Commercial solar ECO EASE

Reduce your business cost

Structural engineering is another crucial element of commercial PV installations. Our engineers and consultants meticulously assess the structural integrity of buildings to ensure a safe installation. Additionally, electrical engineering plays a vital role in designing systems that meet the unique energy demands of businesses.

By offsetting a substantial portion of electricity consumption with solar power, businesses can achieve significant savings on their energy bills over the system’s lifetime. In many commercial setups, the solar ROI period will be less than 3 years, for a system that will deliver benefits for decades.

Installing large-scale solar systems also positions businesses as environmentally responsible and sustainable leaders in their industries.

At Eco Ease, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve there financial and environmental goals with efficient, high-quality solar solutions.

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Asset write off

Investing in solar power can be a smart financial move for businesses, thanks to asset write-off provisions. By installing solar systems, businesses can take advantage of immediate tax deductions for the cost of the system under the asset write-off scheme.

This reduces the overall taxable income, providing significant financial relief and accelerating the return on investment. Here is an example of how it could work for your business:

  1. Initial Solar System Cost: $50,000
  2. STC Rebate: – $4,000
  3. Net Cost After STCs: $46,000
  4. Immediate Tax Deduction: $46,000
  5. Tax Savings: $13,800
  6. Net Cost After Tax Savings: $32,200

By utilising the STCs and the Temporary Full Expensing measure, the business can effectively reduce the initial investment from $50,000 to $32,200, while also benefiting from reduced electricity costs in the future. This makes the investment in commercial solar financially very attractive

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