General Electrical Services

Switchboard Upgrades are only the start

At Eco Ease, we offer comprehensive electrical services starting with new power boards or switchboard upgrades but also include the wiring on new builds or electrical repairs.

While a large part of our work is servicing residential customers with the wiring of new appliances, rewiring of older homes or the installation of smoke alarms and security systems, we also look after medium-sized businesses with all their electrical needs.

Eco Ease is a trusted provider of general electrical services with a strong commitment to sustainability. Our team of licensed electricians is very customer-focused and delivers results. So if you have electrical works from installation of new equipment to repairs – call Eco Ease to make the job easy.

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Check-Ups and Repairs

We are regularly requested by repeat and new customers to assist with checkups and repairs, usually on short notice. From replacing light switches, and corroded exterior power points and installing new appliances such as electric stoves or ceiling fans, our Eco Ease electricians have done it all. The tasks we specialise in include:

  1. Identifying and diagnosing electrical issues using testing equipment.
  2. Pinpointing faults in wiring, circuits, or equipment.
  3. Repairing or replacing damaged or frayed wires.
  4. Addressing issues caused by rodents, wear and tear, or improper installation.
  5. Replacing faulty circuit breakers and fuses.
  6. Repairing tripped breakers and blown fuses.
  7. Fixing loose or non-functioning outlets and switches.
  8. Replacing burnt or damaged components.
  9. Repairing flickering or non-functioning lights.
  10. Replacing faulty ballasts or transformers.
  11. Fixing electrical components of appliances or machinery.
  12. Replacing defective parts for example in lighting or CCTV.

So if you want to make electrical repairs easy – call Eco Ease on 1300 793 901.

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LED Lighting Solutions

Did you know that if you turn your home towards LED lighting, that in many cases the investment pays itself back in as little as 2 years. Being such a more energy efficient technology LED Lighting Solutions help reduce your energy consumption and thus will lower your electricity bills. Our expert team specialises in recommending lighting solutions and installing high-quality LED lighting systems that provide superior illumination while using significantly less energy than traditional lighting.

Upgrade to our LED solutions offering the most cost-effective way to light your home or business, and start enjoying the benefits of reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Go LED with Eco Ease – it’s easy.

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