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The right EV Charging Solutions

At Eco Ease, we stand out as more than just a renewable energy installer; we are your trusted partner in building a renewable energy eco-system in your home, where solar, batteries and EV charging work harmoniously together creating an energy-efficient future. Understanding the unique energy needs of residents in Sutherland and the wider Wollongong region, we emphasise that the time has come to go for integrated energy solutions rather than a simple solar system.

EVs give us now unparalleled opportunities to make our energy consumption – a two-way process, rather than the standard one-directional export of excess solar to the grid.  Vehicle to Load (V2L) technology which is now emerging allows you to integrate the battery of your EV into your home’s electrical infrastructure and create a backup scenario, especially during times of peak demand or blackout.

Coupling solar, a home battery and EVs also allows you to capitalise on advanced, fully automated energy trading on the wholesale energy market to not only save on your energy bill but in some cases benefit from the volatility in wholesale electricity pricing via a high return on your traded exports.

Why Choose Eco Ease for Your EV Charging Needs

Whether you need an EV charger or a comprehensive solar & battery system, or the full package, Eco Ease provides customised solutions which will help you achieve maximum energy independence.

When it comes to Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, choosing the right installer can significantly impact your experience. With so many versions of chargers on the market, making a decision can be confusing. We will advise you on the latest technology and recommend brands that are proven locally, with solid after-care service and back up by the manufacturer.

At Eco Ease, our localised expertise ensures a tailored EV charging solution perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Integrating Solar & Battery with Your EV Charging

Australia, blessed with abundant sunlight, is a solar wonderland, making solar power for EV charging both strategic and environmentally responsible. Solar-powered EV charging reduces grid dependency, cuts energy costs, and lowers your carbon footprint. Imagine driving an EV that’s environmentally friendly not just on the road but also during charging.

At Eco Ease, our expertise in solar and battery integration ensures your EV charges with clean, renewable energy. Our premium products, backed by extensive warranties, provide a sustainable solution that benefits both your finances and the planet. Choose Eco Ease for EV charging solutions that maximise your financial benefits via solar & home storage batteries.

Solar & Battery combo for EV Charging

So many different Types of EV Chargers on the Market.

The landscape of EV charging is evolving swiftly, offering various charger types. At Eco Ease, we understand the intricacies of these chargers and can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Here are some prevalent types:

Level 1 (110V) Charger: Suitable for overnight home charging.
Level 2 (240V) Charger: Ideal for daily use and faster charging.
DC Fast Chargers: Commercial public stations for quick on-the-go charging.

We guide you in selecting the charger that aligns with your driving habits and energy consumption.

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