Eco Ease Accreditations

Silver Master Electrician

At Eco Ease, we are proud to be accredited as a Silver Master Electrician, a testament to our commitment to excellence in electrical and solar energy services.

This prestigious accreditation recognises our adherence to the highest electrical industry standards, our dedication to ongoing professional development for our staff, and our unwavering focus on safety and quality.

With Eco Ease, you can trust that your solar installation and electrical work are handled by experts who follow the Australian Standards and prioritise both performance and reliability, ensuring the best outcomes for your energy needs.


Silver Master Electrician

Solar Accreditation Australia

We hold all required accreditations with Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA). These qualifications are a mark of our dedication to providing the highest quality solar training for our staff and installation quality for our customers.

Firstly, this accreditation ensures our installers possess the knowledge and skills to design and install solar systems according to strict safety and performance standards. This translates to peace of mind for our customers, knowing their investment is in qualified hands.

Secondly, our accreditation unlocks eligibility to apply for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). STCs are government rebates that significantly reduce the upfront cost of solar power for homeowners. By being SAA accredited, we can offer this financial incentive, making our services more attractive and affordable.

Finally, accreditation demonstrates our commitment to ongoing professional development. Our installers must complete regular training to maintain their accreditation, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and regulations. This commitment to excellence positions EcoEase as an industry leader, fostering trust and attracting more clients.


Business XCellence Awards 2023

At EcoEase, we are honoured to have been recognised as a Proud Finalist in the Business XCellence Awards, part of the prestigious This accolade acknowledges our commitment to excellence in the solar and electrical industry, highlighting our dedication to providing top-tier service, innovative solutions, and outstanding customer support.

Being a finalist in these awards underscores our passion for driving sustainable energy solutions and reinforces our position as a trusted leader in the community. We are grateful for this recognition and remain committed to setting the standard for quality and integrity in all our endeavours.

Bx award

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